Move Well. Live Well.


Samānī Yoga & Wellness is a robust learning community for practitioners interested in curiosity, depth and lasting communion rather than a mere credential. Our movement-centric approach is designed to expand your knowledge base, enrich your communication, enable you to move beyond the foundation of current teaching & practice, and to creatively and dynamically expand your impact.

Our faculty is known for its precision in sequencing and cueing, adaptability for injuries and differently abled bodies, and our distinct approach to mentorship. As a graduate of our programs, you will embody each of these. Our highly-trained faculty provides you with tools and resources that extend well beyond your chosen course of study.

What sets us apart is that we provide a blueprint for graduates to thrive in their teaching career, become the generators of their own financial abundance, and stand apart from other generic yoga instructors. 

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Our Story

We saw the limitations of exercise-oriented yoga studio and recognized an opportunity to expand and improve upon what was being offered. Over the last 10 years we merged our expertise in movement sciences, wellbeing practices, and business acumen to develop program and services focused on developing high-impact yoga teachers who make yoga & holistic living accessible for all.

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