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We train and develop high-impact yoga teachers who make yoga & holistic living accessible for all.

LIVE Well.

Marquis H.
200hr & 300hr Graduate

I made up my mind on day one of my first training with Samānī –I’m ALL in! Yoga, anatomy, chakras, the Sutras, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic observances–it’s all here!


What piqued my interest is the way Dan and Cristina speak, how they use language to create space for self-inquiry, exploration and transformation.

During our graduation, I was gifted with a mantra: “I create possibility and spread joy wherever I go.” It’s been three years since then and, most mornings, I wake up knowing it’s true. Fully aware that I am the generator of that truth.


Infinite thanks to Dan, Cristina and the Samānī community for being my shining example of what it truly looks like to be in service to myself and others.

Allison G.
200hr Graduate

My cohort journeyed together through eight months of learning and growth and my expectations were exceeded almost immediately.


In yoga teacher training, my practice came alive. I gained knowledge of the history and practice of yoga, as expected. Even more meaningful was the sense of fully embodied self knowledge that I gained during our time together.


Because of the training with Samānī, I accessed an inner compass that was waiting to guide me in life. 

Chris B.
300hr Graduate

Through Samānī's 300-hr program I developed as a professional yoga teacher in all of the ways that I had hoped. I was able to continue building on those target skills and develop other skills that I had not realized I wanted.

Cristina and Dan maintained ample flexibility and solicited input from our cohort to accommodate specific needs.

This program exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this program to any teacher who wants to improve their prowess and impact as a yoga teacher.


We saw the limitations of exercise-oriented yoga studios and recognized an opportunity to improve upon what was being offered. Over the last 10 years we merged our expertise in movement sciences, wellbeing practices, and business acumen to develop programs focused on developing high-impact yoga teachers who make yoga & holistic living accessible for all.



This 100% online training includes 6 weekend sessions + ample flex-time to engage with personal practices, online workshops, Samānī Yoga's online learning platform, and small-group mentorship.

What sets Samānī''s 200-hr training apart is that our graduates leave with in-depth knowledge of applied anatomy & energetics to design & lead intelligent sequencing.

This course is ideal for:

  • Educators, counselors, mental health providers, healthcare workers, Physical Therapists, movement teachers.

  • Lifelong learners & students

  • Teachers seeking to monetize offerings

  • Those interested in making yoga accessible to others

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The Samānī 300-Hour training is dynamically-tailored to be any combination of in-person, online, or hybrid. Our course is designed to enable you to interweave subtle elements of applied anatomy, energetics, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into your teaching.


Our 300-hr course employs a mentorship model designed to enable you to skillfully teach and lead, including leading workshops and coaching sessions for a small group of 200-hr cohort trainees.

This course is ideal for:

  • Certified teachers seeking deep knowledge of anatomy & energetics

  • Learners interested in making yoga accessible to others.

  • Professionals seeking to monetize workshops, private sessions, and retreats. 



Soulful Sequencing is designed to give you the tools to deeply access your feeling body, fine tune your language (cues), and create a movement experience for yourself and your students that leaves them in a deep state of trust, love, and honoring of their body.

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Confidently write and plan intelligent sequences.

  • Gain trust that allows you to tap into your own feeling body so that you cue and move in an embodied way.

  • Access a safe and committed space to experiment with new language, ways of cueing, and a newfound love affair with your movement practice.


Course dates

 3 Saturdays in Sep/Oct (Fall 2022)

Dates Coming Soon!
10am-4pm MST



Pranic Joints is an online anatomy training for yoga practitioners, teachers, and movers from all modalities and backgrounds. ​This course explores the intersections between applied anatomy, body mechanics, fascia & organ energetics, and movement solutions to protect against injury. 

Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the location, sensation and energetic relationship between bones, muscles, and organs.

  • Have access to a reliable body of knowledge for facilitating small-group seminars and workshops, as well as 1:1 private sessions.

  • Embody your practice in a way that develops optimal joint health and prevents chronic cycles of pain, inflammation, and discomfort.


CouRSE dates

 3 Saturdays in September/October (2021)

Dates & Studio Locations Coming Soon
Times: 9am-11:30am, MST